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The Path of an Activist For Truth In The Bp Oil Spill Disaster

The Path of an Activist For Truth In The Bp Oil Spill Disaster

Do you ever catch yourself at a certain point in life reflecting on past experiences and being grateful as it has prepared you for what you are experiencing now? Since becoming an activist for the truth in the BP oil spill disaster I have said it to myself more times than I can count. 

I was in a severe auto mobile accident about 5 years ago this month. The entire passenger side of the Saturn I was driving was gone. The CHP told me in the hospital that I shouldn't have survived and the only reason that I did was because my car gave instead of folding. 

For months I questioned my survival and felt I was now living on borrowed time. One of the first experiences I had when I was brave enough to drive again was I came upon a vehicle with a man slumped over the wheel. I had to break into a big ranch house to call for help and get him water.

When he was pulled out of the car by paramedics to be loaded into a helicopter they discovered this man was a CDF Captain. The paramedic told me had I not found the man/5 more minutes passed he would have died as no one else came to his/our aid before the paramedics arrived. At last I felt a purpose for my survival. This man had saved many of lives and it was his turn to have the favor returned. I was only a vessel not the hero and that was plenty for me.

For reasons I can't explain in this article I feel I had warning of the times we are experiencing now and on April 20th, 2010 I knew immediately that the BP Oil Spill disaster was the beginning of a chain of horrific events to come.

Like so many other Americans I decided to tune in and see how it would unfold. I instantly reflected back to the media coverage of the Exxon Valdez and thought American media would be reporting nothing but oil spill information, boy was I mistaken!

Within the first 2 weeks of reporting I knew there was much more to the picture then they were telling us. I instantly reflected to a battle my community went through to recall it's board of directors for illegal activity a couple of years earlier. In fact I couldn't get that event out of my mind and I wondered why. I was asking myself if I wanted to get involved in a new advocacy issue for truth or did I want to avoid the dangers of.

I felt I had a responsibility as an American citizen. I have been on disability for numerous years due to a work related injury. I feel that my income is paid by the taxpayers and it was the least I could do to give back. I have thousands of hours of experience searching and locating needles in the haystack on the WWW as it has been a fascination for me for years. I felt there was no better place to offer my abilities then to the Gulf Coast victims by providing them links to pertinent and valuable information.

Immediately I could see the scattering and confusion among Gulf victims and I knew the BP America Facebook page had the audience that needed these links more then anyone else. I decided to make that page the area of my focus. For months I hammered at that wall in the comment sections. I even participated in Q&A's with BP Executives. I hit them hard hourly with the truths showing evidence contrary to what BP was reporting. Silly me, I thought they would give in and stop with the lying, I was naive to say the least.

Once I realized that the BP America Facebook page was being operated by a professional PR team hired by BP I felt my job there was coming to an end, it was time to move forward. I was being distracted by personal and vicious attacks. I had my computer hacked and file grabbing information planted on it. I was called terrible names. I had people sending me emails with pictures of the barrel of a gun up close to the camera lens. I even received death threats. I decided to handle them the way we train rape victims... scream loud and point them out. I made youtube videos showing the attacks and what they were saying. While the videos were very effective in showing these criminal troll bloggers not to mess with me the video's made me appear somewhat half cocked shall we say?

I smile now as I reflect on the day I felt the videos had served their purpose and was able to pull them down. I didn't delete them in case they are needed as evidence in the future, but I did remove them from public view.

Do I think those videos had a negative impact on the way some viewed me or my work? Yes, but it was worth it. There is a scale of balance to weigh almost every issue and the scale tipped towards defending myself in this challenging online battle occurring on Facebook and Youtube. The one thing I knew for sure was that I could not let them scare me into silence as it would only encourage them to attack others.

When people ask me what I think is the number one problem in finding solutions to the problems at hand I hang my head and state that too many of the wrong people are involved without the knowledge of how to operate in an effective manner.

I feel there are a few groups at play in the slowdown of good information landing in the right hands, and especially in the Facebook arena. Who are these groups some might wonder. First and foremost some are legitimate victims seeking information, some are legitimate victims with wayward notions of becoming the Erin Brockavich of the BP oil spill disaster, while others are vicious professional trolls hired by BP's PR team with the sole intention of reeking havoc and causing a huge divide between affective advocates.

Some of you might be asking what gives me the right to judge/discuss the activities of these groups. My answer is that for the past 8 months I have monitored these groups/people closely, I watch their posts, I see their battles, I know who they are listening too, who they are promoting, who their friends are, who they have attacked, and the supposed reasons behind the attacks.

For months I have been waiting for an affective group to form w/the right contributors, offering the most valuable information possible, and a heavy handed administrator that could effectively squash drama at the moment it begins. To this day I am still looking for this group.

Why... why after so many months is there not an effective/trusted group that operates in this manner?

The words "double agent" often enters my mind as an answer. One too many times I have seen a key figures in the bp oil spill disaster network on Facebook work against good folks with the best of intentions. I don't need to call these people out by name...yet. And I will be honest in that I pray this article is wake up call for those people. They know who they are and at the end of every night when they place their heads on their pillow to go to sleep they are haunted with the thoughts of the Karma of their actions.

Although I know exactly who these people are I don't feel it my position to expose them at this time. I think there is a lesson to be learned by us all about the potential of advocacy being undermined on Facebook and the WWW. Americans need to learn to count on their community networks versus the Federal government to protect or care for us. Americans are wide awake to the fact that corporations control our country not "We The People". It's up to Americans to refuse to participate by refusing to do business and that's an entirely different story to write.

One of the most alerting things I noticed about a Facebook high profile group of Gulf victims was the repeated casting of shadows among effective advocates because they were not locals. To them I have always stated "If my advocacy work/efforts as a Californian on the other side of the country aren’t good for you then who's attention are you trying to get ?" and this is where the Erin Brockavich syndrome comes into play w/this particular group. Anyone and I do mean "ANYONE" who gets any noticeable attention is immediately attacked by this group.

I reflect back to the words some of the most noted figures in the battle for the truth in the BP oil spill disaster. Perplexing is why we haven't been pointed by them to any/all sites that are effective working hubs for real time solutions. In fact my personal experience has been that many try to hide these groups. Originally I looked to them for answers and solutions, but couldn't find any. I needed to hear it from them because they were the ones who knew what was really happening. Some we can't view their walls to gather any helpful information. Others have been too busy screaming about what's happening and wondering where the American audience is, not focusing on real solutions. Others have out right discouraged people from communicating with anyone who isn't a local. 

Many of you who have been observing the bp oil spill disaster in the Facebook arena are probably doing a little bit of reflecting yourselves right now, recalling the statements and those who have been making them and at this point in the juncture I think that is a valuable tool for all of us.

I myself became a target of a notable group of Gulf oil spill victims after stepping into a character assassination of Truth Reporter Gregg Hall. I admittedly participated in an independent investigation to discover who was behind the attacks. I gathered the names and presented the evidence publicly in the Facebook arena. The planned and plotted character assassination of Gregg Hall was based on unfounded claims and circumstantial evidence. Not once did any of them produce any evidence of criminal wrong doing.  They were however risking/undermining the focus and attention we desperately needed from any/all media sources.

One of the things I have learned in my internet journeys is that many journalists for major media outlets lay low/behind the curtain and gather subject matter for stories from public pages on social networking web sites/hubs. If there was ever a time that the search of truth in bp Gulf oil spill disaster didn't need to be airing negative, meaningless, and unproductive drama it was then. We needed the help and proof from where ever we could gather it. Yet this high profile group of Gulf victims actively participated in what some would call a Witch Hunt of  valuable Truth Reporters and excellent sources of evidence. 

Ask yourselves this question... "Who is providing you with "regular" "daily" video coverage of the damage rolling in on Florida beaches now? Who's providing us with the valuable evidence that Gregg Hall was providing? Now ask yourselves who were the key figures, the most outspoken participants in the character assassination of Gregg Hall ? Then ask yourself how many times are you reflecting on issues that bring the same names to mind over and over again? Now I ask you to consider why and allow your mind to travel the possibilities.

I have made some blatant comments in the Facebook arena regarding some of these key figures not adding effective, dedicated, tried and proven long term advocates for the truth in this disaster to their Facebook friends list giving them access to the information they are supposedly sharing with Gulf victims/survivors. Time and time again I have been told that is because they are already at max capacity and have no room.

Well let's explore that theory. My first thought is why they haven’t made it a point to post regularly to a public page in an attempt to get solution messages to the masses. My next thought process is that I keep a careful list of friends in the Facebook arena, yet I would immediately weed out a few non productive people to make room for someone who was working day and night on behalf of my region. Then I reflect on the fact that when I get a really good lead on a solution I carry that message and post it other popular pages, making sure the information can be shared by others doing the same job as myself. Why are the most noted public figures not able to do the same? Are they unaware how vital they are in delivering the information for successful solutions? Do they have a different agenda/motive like they have accused other innocent people of participating in by only being interested if there is a camera or money involved?


I have asked myself these questions daily for months on end. Always attempting to knock negative, unproductive, thoughts and suspicions out of the forefront of my mind in order to focus on the most important issue at hand... “Helping To Save As Many Gulf Oil Spill Victims Possible”.

Let the words in this article serve as a battle cry to those paying attention and advocating for victims/survivors of the bp oil spill disaster "Drama Causes Trauma". We want to tell America to wake up, well guess what folks we need to wake up too and that includes me. 

We must stop waiting for someone else to take action and move towards real solutions. If you’re holding back your words/information waiting for a book deal or a movie to be made about you wake up. Those movies have already been made and the books are already in print some of which have already been published or released, others will be in the near future. 

We need our energy and knowledge to apply to finding and sharing solutions that we as Americans can do for ourselves and each other. Is this a glorious position to be in "No" but its damn worth it for the chance of survival to help future generations if they are to exist.
  • We need communities to teams that work like small villages taking care of each other.
  • We must find an effective hub that people can rely on with zero tolerance for drama.
  • Gulf survivors/victims don't need snake oil selling profiteers or to sell their silence for the promise of a book/movie deal.
  • We need to be networking for safe soil and clean water to produce safe and clean food for the residents of the region.
  • We need to be thinking of community/victory gardens.
  • We need nutritionist who can teach proper effective dietary needs.
  • We need volunteers w/video cameras willing to share and upload classes for other survivors who need to know but are unable to attend.
  • We need all the drama to stop or be squashed/blocked in order to work effectively.
  • Most of all we need the key figures to speak up/out about solutions and not assume that rants are effective. 
 The listeners are tuning out. People are tired of the negative and realize it's getting them nowhere but down. Meanwhile lives are stake and we have people sucking down pool shock thinking it's going to cure them of the toxins in their bodies. 

Yes there are "self proclaimed" Gulf Truth Reporters engaging in this dangerous behavior. How many of you in the Facebook arena have been watching the recent unfolding of the truth behind MMS Oxygen therapy and a character named Wil Spencer? How many of you realize who is supporting this man’s claims? How many of you think there was some financial benefit to those who were touting this man’s pool shock therapy for human consumption? And how many of you are connecting the dots between the names running through your mind now and the ones that were running through your mind earlier?

Those truly working for the "truth" and "solutions" to the problems that exist in the Gulf Region as a result of the BP oil spill disaster are welcome to comment and join forces in an attempt to join together and become even more effective in this quest. To those of you who think I'm talking about you because the shoe fits... BINGO!!! 

In the Facebook arena I have what some of us refer to as a "short list" this is a group of activist/financial contributors in the bp Gulf oil spill disaster who have been communicating amongst themselves behind the scene for months now. We know who we each are and who we can trust. I also have a group of shady characters in a special list with tighter controls who don't get to see everything that everyone else see's. I am aware of them whether they realize it or not and I'm making it clear because my patience with them is wearing very thin.

The time has come for us to quit thinking that someone else will pick up the torch and begin offering effective solutions. Some of us realize there is no time to play patty cake with those who want to remain wrapped in drama. 

Many of you are going to notice my Facebook page taking new shape, some of you might be disappointed that I will not be dedicating my time to locating the newest most revealing articles, others may target me again/harder. Either way I feel I must remain true to my calling in this disaster. I need to focus on solutions. I have said it over and over again and it seems that every time I move in that direction someone brings me a new investigation to keep me occupied. I cannot and will not allow myself to continue down that path. I/we must focus on solutions. 

I pray that this move towards advocating solely for solutions is one that you and those participating in the Facebook arena can come to appreciate.

It has been a pleasure to help and serve the Gulf coast victims/survivors the way in which I have but it’s time for the next chapter.

Kim Moore
Activist For Solutions To The BP Oil Spill Disaster

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